Tell a story
Is the festival motto fulfilled? Is there a story told in the audio-visual production? Is the declaration clear and understandable?

Conception and dramaturgy
Is the request of the show dramaturgally clear and effective?

Is the graphical material equal to the tenor? Can the producer manage a consequent and inventive visual realisation?

How felicitous is the audio-arrangement? How successful is the soundtrack used to create an adequate mood and to hold your interest?

Does the length correspond with the content and the request? Unless that information is arranged, unless a few special moods should be created. How much did you really get from this? So much that it seems repeated or so less that the main-conclusion is not clear?

Does the tempo of the pictures allow the spectators to come along without getting boring? Does the production act jolty and stagnant, verbose or hasty? Does it create an adequate flux to the progress of the theme? How felicitous is the dubbing of the pictures and the sound?

Technical qualities of the graphical material
Assess the quality of the graphical material in the production: acridness, colour brilliance, tightness, masking, optical effects, cleanness and others. Consider the visual overall impression influencing technical factors..

Technical quality of the soundtrack
Sound fidelity, balance and others. Consider the sound overall impression influencing technical circumstance.

Overall impression
Irrespective of possibility individually maximas or entrapment. How is your overall impression, your “feeling” at the end of the presentation?